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Sunday, November 23, 2008


1. Find a pair of skinny jeans that you like and turn them inside out.
2. Turn the bootleg jeans inside out and line them up under the skinny jeans.
3. Trace the leg of the skinny jeans with a sharpie or fabric pen, make sure that it is a gradual line from around the knee, down to the ankle.
4. Sew along the line.
5. Try them on to make sure that you like the fit. You may have to go back and adjust some.
6. Once you like it, cut off the excess fabric.


Colton said...

What if I wanted my skinny jeans to be a little boot cut?

arny said...

how do you make the thigh tighter?

memerulz said...

I would like to know how to alter a pair of jeans. I have lost weight and I have a size 14 pair of jeans I love and I am now a 12. So could you please help me>> I would appreciate all the help you can give me. Thanks

FTW said...

Im a bit confused on cutting the excess we really cut it jz like that??wouldnt it damage the fabric.
and,can i do this ny hanf.i dont have sewing machine!!!

Kay said...

My attempts went really wrong i have tried 3 time now and cant do it...!
Ill keep trying but i might have to double stitch by hand coz the machine don't like jeans...

you make it look so easy lol
Thanks for this x

Mariane Prospero Polins said...

Great idea! i hope you don't mind but i made a post in my blog.